Nuttin For Christmas

I can’t wait for Christmas, even though it’s not quite Thanksgiving.

They say I have a “pen addiction” but they just don’t understand – I want to write to my fans and at this time of year I want to especially write to Santa.

I’ve always enjoyed crunching on a good pen or two – I especially like the red ones, since they explode nicely on my lips and it looks like I did conquer my nemesis, PITA, the squirrel.

But I really shouldn’t say that since I would be deemed naughty, and put on “The Blacklist,” the parentals new show which Dad says is intriguing, whatever that means.

So I better be good so I don’t end up like that Barry Gordon song “Nuttin’ For Christmas.”

It was a blustery day in Santa Monica, and all our lips are chapped except mine which are red as well.  I heard the parentals say I might need to go to Pen’s Anonymous but I might be the only one at the meetings, and it might be a pain in my gluteus maximus, which is small by the way.

Later folks!


Hands Free Leash

IMG_2320Hello Folks,

Like always life continues and on really good weeks funny things happen that cause us to laugh and so here’s one that’s really FUNNY!

The parentals occasionally receive a product from companies who want them to try things out and blog about it or give feed back. Since Mom is the queen of blogging, tweeting and instragramming we get a few items here and there.

This week it was about a leash. I was excited because that means I can push Dad to the limit and he like me does not like to have his routine messed up. We were getting ready for our walk and I heard Mom yell out, “don’t forget to try out the Hands Free Leash.”

Of course Dad grumbled something along the lines with “you try out the leash” and I knew I had him, ready, set, match.

He looked at the box and opened up this bright green package. I could see from his expression he was not pleased one bit.

  • It had a big strap with zippers, pouches and a clasp.
  • I saw him really search in the small box for instruction and there were none.
  • In his confusion he tried to put the fanny pack belt on me.

The absolute best part was when you realized he was supposed to wear the fanny pack belts and I was to be hooked up with the leash part. It was hilarious, as I know how much Dad has an aversion to fanny packs.

Next we stepped outside attached literally at the hip. Boy it was AWESOME People he had no control over me and I took off, next thing I looked back and he was using his outside voice.  I then saw a nice family walking by our yards and I just stood perfect. (You see when people are around I am flawless for the compliments).

Dad on the other hand was embarrassed, tangled up and definitely not having a good exercise moment. I knew the walk was over before we hit the end of the driveway so I ran back to the house. My swiftness whipped Dad around and this made the veins stick out in his neck.

Once inside and untangled I heard him share his thoughts with Mom about the Hand Free Leash…

“ This would have been perfect during months 7-12 when he had to be tethered to us in the house all the time”. (You see I was always getting into stuff so they kept me on the inside leash).

“This would work well for a little purse dog”

and my favorite…NOT

“The leash would be PERFECT (he gave me a glance of frustration) if the dog walked nice and doesn’t PULL”.

Who cares what he thinks, it was really cool pulling Dad up and down the driveway.

Perry 1 – Dad big fat zero!

So the verdict on the Hands Free Leash…

Works great if you have a dog that enjoys to leisurely walk or if you run. Also, nice compartments for a water bottle and a well sized pouch for keys, phone or money. Finally, it is made with quality materials and is apparently self instructional unless my Dad is trying it on.  And perfect for puppies who need to be tethered all the time while inside like I was when I was of course MUCH younger.

OK, people as you can see I am tired and there was no way I was trying that thing on again.

Oh – almost forgot.  It was a beautiful fall day in Santa Monica.


A Letter From Doggie Camp

Hello Mother, Hello Father…_MG_0438 copy

Things here at camp are awesome!  I really did not want to write and check in since I know you still think of me as a puppy – maybe because I still act like one!

I just cannot get enough of the running around, playing with others and all the animals. When I was riding up here my traveling companions were these big rats that were also hanging out at Daneen’s to help with training – I’m not sure what that was all about but I decided to remain calm since you never know what those non-canine creatures can do.

Now, if I saw them in my yard I would have gone postal. However, it was different somehow and I was as content as could be when I got in the truck since they were my neighbors for the next hour. Dad – you would be proud of me!

I have been getting in plenty of exercise up here and don’t need the fitbit as Dad does, and Mom – you will be pleased since I am eating for healthy and not using the vacation to be off my “health vacation.”

I hope your conference at Sweet Success was good and your talks went well. I heard there were over 300 people gave a lecture to and I would have been a little more than nervous.

OK, got to get back to my running and will see you in a few days.

The weather up here in Acton is quite a warm 82 degrees. I really prefer the calm Santa Monica weather but the 22 exercise play yards here, along with my sheep, donkey, horse and pig friends is way more exciting than our small yard – hope you are enjoying your “Perry free mornings at 6 am.”

I’ll be in full force when I get home Dad so enjoy your rest now while you can.




IMG_2298This week was pretty cool and awesome. One of Dad’s friends of many years moved back to town and I got to hang out with him. The last time he was here I jumped up into his lap and just soaked up the attention and affections that I so require. Don’t tell anyone but I have a little man crush on him.

Michael is pretty important to the parentals’ as he was in their wedding many years ago and was Dad’s roommate at one time. They have been buddies for 15 years and now he is mine. He is a surfer and doctor for young kids so he is cool in my books. Check out our picture!

Besides the Michael visit this week has been a little challenging for me. You know how I was bragging and all about my growing up and being good about not door dashing? Well, I had a few party fouls and got Mom and Dad all worked up.

I don’t get why they get all upset. I mean come on – I would never run away! I have it way too easy. Every once in a while I just need to stretch my legs a little. It is so ridiculously cool to run and Dad says I look like a gazelle prancing to and fro.

And it’s almost Christmas and didn’t Santa have something named Prancer? OR was it that lady who did the prancercise exercise, which is called funky Punky prancercise program.  What?  That girl stole my name?

Regardless, Dad keeps telling me I do not have automobile consciousness…whatever that means. Parent’s can be so frustrating and they need to get over themselves.

Well that is the update, oh yeah I forgot it rained pretty hard 2 nights ago and that was cool because I tracked mud into the house. Love the mud and enjoy it so much more when I can play chase in the house leaving my prints everywhere…they call that a weimcrime in my town.  Regardless we REALLY needed the rain since we’ve had NO rain.

Today’s temp is a moderate 68 degrees in Santa Monica and don’t forget to vote in the elections this Tuesday it is your Constitutional Right?

I’m Growing UP

DSC01297Hello People!

Things here on the home front are pretty good. The weather has cooled down to a nice autumn crisp so on our walks we need to move a little more quickly to keep warm. The current temp this weekend is a light, cloudy 73 degrees.

Other fun things on the forefront…Dad and I spent sometime photographing fresh ginger from the Farmer’s Market as you can see from the photo I am slowly but surely becoming a better-behaved dog.  Mom says fresh ginger is good for many things besides just seasoning – it helps GERD (I’m not sure what that is but something to do with stomach issues), and morning sickness which thank goodness I will never have in my lifetime (although I do love pregnant women and babies especially).

Can you believe the door is open and I am not door dashing out like in my youth. Yep- my birthday is coming up and we all cannot believe how much time has gone by and just how quickly the months turn into years.

We have a new RD intern from Italy named Antonella and I cannot wait to meet her next week – Mom says she’s talented, pretty and knows how to cook yummy dishes so I’m all about meeting her!

All in all, thank goodness for a calm week!


Trick or Health Treat


Well campers things seem to be getting back to normal. At least I hope they are, but I feel movement in the air. I better appreciate the calm before the crazy holidays season starts.

With this slight calmness things started to become more regular, which I like because I do not fare well when my schedule gets all out of whack. This weekend I was excited because Mom did her Farmer’s Market shopping. The Virginia Park Farmer’s market on Saturday in Santa Monica is the hit in our part of town. There are lots of fun things to see and Mom always brings me home a snack or two.  I’m always bummed that I am NOT allowed at the farmer’s market as I’m sure I could pick up some scooby snacks lying around but that’s the rule – no canines allowed.

After Mom got home and was out of the room I wanted to see what she brought me back in her bag. I love when I see that bag, as it is full of healthy, tasty treats like fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately I was caught red-handed or should I say bag-handed and felt a little guilty but not too much.

IMG_1150This week Dad it going to try to create healthy fried green tomatoes with pecan crust. We will see how that works out.

On our morning walk I heard Dad talk about maybe handing out dark chocolate for Halloween, since it is high in flavonoids which are good for human health, but unfortunately not for canine health.

Mom was a bit concerned with my possible barking at the trick or treaters but Dad said we would just sit outside and wait for them…. great I can just see it now with Dad in a lawn chair and me dressed up on parade.

Now that should be a start to an interesting end of the year.

Back to sleep…I have been wanting to lounge more which the units like but I think I am getting older…yep my third birthday is in a couple months. Old age is becoming on me.


Perry the Paparazzi

IMG_0565No, I am not talking about Lady Gaga and her Paparazzi song, or Perez Hilton gossiping about things you might see on TMZ. I am just spending a little time discussing as my human counterparts might do on occasion…those occasional “water cooler” conversations.

Yep that’s right folks…the parentals went to the south for a MINT (Motivational Interviewing) Conference and I went to the country. However, since I am the weather Weimaraner I thought this week I could be Perry the Paparazzi.

Let’s get to the good stuff. Now of course I am reporting this via osmosis since I was not there in person, since as of yet I’ve not had the luxury of airline travel. But you know if I were there the celebs would have found me so irresistible and would have wanted a selfie with me. Sorry no photos this time but maybe next time.

Anywhoo…sources close share that the Hartsfield-Jackson ATL airport was a buzz with celebrity sightings this past weekend and two stand out.

Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominated actress Joanna Cassidy was spotted chatting on her phone in the Delta Lounge. The Simpson sisters, Jessica and Ashlee with their entourage, took flight from the ATL to LAX late Saturday evening. With both sightings no real fan fare but it was a sight to be seen.

As for the weather it was a hot one last week here in Santa Monica, currently are at a pleasant 75 degrees.

I do hear Halloween is coming soon. Do you think the parental units will make me wear an outfit? You be the judge.

Be safe people and stay out of trouble or at least don’t caught by prying cameras.

Peace out!

Paparazzi Perry