A Long Night..

After a long exhausting day it was time to go to bed.  I did not want to get off my new Dad’s lap but he made me get up and he put me in this metal thing and I was not happy.  This was not like the place I usually sleep in.  He put a warm towel in my bed along with some new toys but I was not happy, and I was going to show them my lung capacity since I thought they would be softies and put me in their bed.

Huh.  I whined and howled hoping to get out but it did not work.  My new Dad took me out of this metal thing I heard was called a crate every hour or so to go potty.  It was cold and wet outside and I did not like it but I would still go potty and then go and sit by Dad.  He would then pick me up and take me to the warm place and put me in the crate.  I whined most of the night and wondered why my new parents looked so tired the next day.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen next maybe I could get used to this new place.  The jury is still out…

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