Old Man Perry has another day in Puppy Kindergarten

I go to puppy kindergarten and learn the commands in one or two tries and then I’m done – bored and want to move on to the next thing.  My Mom and Dad are really holding me back.  They are the ones who need kindergarten since they don’t know the commands very well and get easily confused.  I remember they had a cat named George so this is all new to them.  I really belong in college but I heard that may not be an option for me since it is a lot of money.

I did help clean this week by taking all the paper stuff outside and shredding it for Mom.  I made it look like snow in the back yard. They don’t think I saw them laughing at me but I know cause I’m a smart dog.

Dad was sick this week so I got to lounge with him and now I’m a bit spoiled and decided to whine when I go into my metal cage – hopefully they will take me out but  I heard they are on to me…

I’m HUGE and I Love my Food and Treats

Mom is getting worried.  I gained 3 pounds in the last few days so now I’m 23 pounds at 11 and a half weeks!  I am a growing puppy but I heard her asking Dad if this is normal.  I’m a Weimaraner and hunting dog so of COURSE it’s normal – silly Mom.  She thinks it might be the Holistic Select Puppy Food  I’m eating.  Mom went through hundreds of dog food review websites trying to find the perfect food for me.  She finally decided there was no perfect food but this one was pretty close.  It had good ingredients for a growing puppy.

Tonight she tried to get me to behave.  I knew I would get a treat- remember I’m smart so I was on to her.  Tonight I got Dogswell Happy Heart chicken breast with taurine and flaxseed – I know she recommends flax seed to her clients so I guess I had to have mine as well.  It tasted pretty good and here I am waiting till she got the picture – I’m not very good at waiting but it does happen occasionally….

I’m Sooo Hungry AND I’m the Biggest in the Litter

I’ve gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks and doubled in size since I came to my new home.  Mom was concerned and called my first Mom to ask about my voracious appetite.

And can you believe it?  I was the runt and now I’m the largest of all my brothers and sisters – just look at my paws!  I had a BIG weekend driving 4 hours to San Luis Obispo and back with Dad and Andrew.  Mom tried to tire me out when I got home but I overheard her and Dad saying what a pistol I am.  After a while I finally settled down for a long winter’s nap…..

Perry Goes to Grandma’s House on National Puppy Day

In honor of national Puppy Day Dad decided to take me on a road trip.  He had lots of pictures to shoot for his photo class and Grandma and Grandpa were away and have a new kitchen so I got to go with my him and my human friend Andrew to San Luis Obispo.  It gave Mom a much-needed break from taking care of me and having to manage my every move AND I now get a chance to explore a new house.  Even better I got to miss Puppy kindergarten this week – yeah!

It is SO much fun.  There are bones hidden everywhere from my Auntie Victoria –  like an Easter egg hunt.   And there’s a kitty cat named Sashi who looks like a big pillow and I So want to play with her but she keeps going under the bed.  I can’t wait to explore the rest of the house but Dad seems to want to keep me in the kitchen near my crate – I think he’s afraid of what I might get into – but that’s what puppies do.  This is the best time ever on national puppy day!

Perry “Cleans” the House

I overheard my Mom and Dad had argued about whether to get a “canine” before they brought me home.  My Mom had a “feline” named George before me who was basically an old man.  Dad had lots of dogs growing up and thought they were no problem, but of course he came from the “sticks” as one co-worker said where humans just put us in the back yard.

Little did my Dad know how challenging I would be to train, being the west-side dog that I am.  I’m in puppy kindergarten every week, I saw a”behaviorist” at the vet when I went for my shots, and even had a private session with a trainer – all to try to get me to “behave” whatever that means.  I do know how to sit, lay down and come but whether I do it or not depends on whether I’m in the mood or not.

Tonight when Mom got home I greeted her by running and getting the mop and dragging it across the floor to my bed and here I am gnawing on it – tastes almost as good as my bone.  I wonder what else is in the kitchen for me to “eat?”

Perry Pumpky-Face Goes to Work

My Dad calls my “pumpky-face” since I LOVE the pumpkin he mixes in my food.  It keeps me regular and then I have normal digestion which seems important to my Mom – can’t imagine why.  I’ve doubled in size since I came to my new house – I was only 10 pounds and tonight Mom made me get on the scale and I was 19 pounds!  She told me she was not doing her job so well if I keep gaining weight – again I have no idea what that’s all about.

I went to work with Dad today in the high-rise.  I chewed up one of his client’s contracts so he was not too happy with me – he forgot that paper is one of my favorites.  AND can you believe that building?  I had to be carried in because no four legged creatures are allowed in public spaces.  So I taught them – I shared some yellow fluid at the valet station.

After a long day in the office and what seemed like forever in the car, I finally got dinner and then I decided Mom and Dad were a little too lethargic and needed to be riled up.   I sprawled up between Mom and Dad and here I am sacked out.  That annoying camera flash is interfering with my zzzz’s…

My Affinity for Toilet Paper

I love tissues, toilet paper and newspaper – maybe almost as much as my food!  Today I destroyed a roll of toilet paper and Mom found me several times tonight with tissues almost done my throat – she told me she would have had to bring me to see the vet Annie if I had swallowed it.  She seemed pretty upset – I’m just having fun.



Dad was so tired from taking care of me today he crashed on my bed and I decided to curl up with him.  I still can’t figure out all these rules in this house and what’s the big deal about eating toilet paper anyway?

Perry St. Patty’s Day Party

I had my coming out party this weekend!

My Auntie Chris and Audrey invited me to their St. Patrick’s day party but I went thinking it was for me.

Chris and Audrey wanted to meet me and Mom wanted me to meet their 3 cats Doc, Bashful and Thomas O’Malley.  Doc was not feeling too well and Bashful was not crazy about puppies so here I am with Thomas.  I was trying to get him to play but he wasn’t all that interested.

It was a fun party and I liked the humans more than the cats since they were all oohing and awwwing over me.  I heard a few people trying to give my Mom and Dad tips on how to get me to behave better – not sure what that was about since I’m fine the way I am but these humans try to make me behave and use the controller leash.   Hopefully they will grow out of it and remember I’m just Puppy Perry and all I want to do is eat, play, sleep and chew….

These Strange Things that Mom and Dad Do!

So I’m still trying to figure out my Mom and Dad.  When Dad goes to his potty room in the morning I try to keep him warm.  Dad likes to clean all around the house.

When he goes to the potty room to clean I just go in there with him. It takes him a long time to clean the place where I get my baths so I just decided to curl up on his pants till he was done and could play with me.



Mom leaves so early in the morning before Dad and I get up.

She wears funny clothes and shoes and takes this bag I’m looking at.  I think she calls it the gym.




When she got home this morning she took off her shoes and I decided to check them out.

When she was in the shower I took both of them in my mouth at the same time and ran to my mat.

I could carry both of them but could only chew one at a time.

For some reason Mom did not not like that and took them from me and hid them but I’m sure I’ll find them soon enough.

Not all that Innocent

Don’t let the sweet innocent look fool you.  I was a terror today, at least according to Mommy.  Both Mom and Dad had to work today and I was not happy about it.  They played with me this morning and Dad worked with me on that silly clicker training but then I heard them saying they had to get their teeth cleaned.  Mom tried to fool me into cleaning mine with peanut butter toothpaste before they left.  I bit the brush and she had a hard time getting it out of my mouth – why do they need to go somewhere special?

Then Mom came home and tried to play with me and I just wanted to bite.  At least she gave me lunch but then she put me in my cage and went to work and left me the longest I’ve ever been left – 4 hours.  I was good and did not even have an accident in my crate BUT I decided to relentlessly pay her back for leaving me.  She tried to make it up to me by taking me on a walk but I really wasn’t all that interested – I just wanted to bite.  I can’t understand why they don’t want me to bite their hands?  It’s so much more interesting than the toys I have…