Week of Construction…

So things have gotten interesting at my new home.  My new Mom and Dad had some leaks in their potty room and had to get them fixed.  All these new people were in my space.  There were lots of noises and interesting things to sniff and find out about.  I keep hearing all these things to DO and I’m not liking it!

It’s EXHAUSTING being me….I’ve got so many rules to remember……when and where to pee……which items are chew toys (definitely not Dad’s socks or slippers and I LOVE the red ones) and what can I possibly do to earn a treat.   Not to mention, trying to look cute all day so that Mom makes me something special to eat.

I do like how she mixes pumpkin in my kibble.  Mom says it gives me something special called vit-a-mins to help my coat which I thought was just fine but what do I know?  I’m just a puppy.

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