These Strange Things that Mom and Dad Do!

So I’m still trying to figure out my Mom and Dad.  When Dad goes to his potty room in the morning I try to keep him warm.  Dad likes to clean all around the house.

When he goes to the potty room to clean I just go in there with him. It takes him a long time to clean the place where I get my baths so I just decided to curl up on his pants till he was done and could play with me.



Mom leaves so early in the morning before Dad and I get up.

She wears funny clothes and shoes and takes this bag I’m looking at.  I think she calls it the gym.




When she got home this morning she took off her shoes and I decided to check them out.

When she was in the shower I took both of them in my mouth at the same time and ran to my mat.

I could carry both of them but could only chew one at a time.

For some reason Mom did not not like that and took them from me and hid them but I’m sure I’ll find them soon enough.

2 thoughts on “These Strange Things that Mom and Dad Do!

  1. Perry,

    This is your cousin Maggie (I hacked my dad’s account). Those “pants” you are curled up on is actually your dad’s underwear…that is kinda weird and a bit strange. I hope he wipes well.


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