Perry St. Patty’s Day Party

I had my coming out party this weekend!

My Auntie Chris and Audrey invited me to their St. Patrick’s day party but I went thinking it was for me.

Chris and Audrey wanted to meet me and Mom wanted me to meet their 3 cats Doc, Bashful and Thomas O’Malley.  Doc was not feeling too well and Bashful was not crazy about puppies so here I am with Thomas.  I was trying to get him to play but he wasn’t all that interested.

It was a fun party and I liked the humans more than the cats since they were all oohing and awwwing over me.  I heard a few people trying to give my Mom and Dad tips on how to get me to behave better – not sure what that was about since I’m fine the way I am but these humans try to make me behave and use the controller leash.   Hopefully they will grow out of it and remember I’m just Puppy Perry and all I want to do is eat, play, sleep and chew….

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