My Affinity for Toilet Paper

I love tissues, toilet paper and newspaper – maybe almost as much as my food!  Today I destroyed a roll of toilet paper and Mom found me several times tonight with tissues almost done my throat – she told me she would have had to bring me to see the vet Annie if I had swallowed it.  She seemed pretty upset – I’m just having fun.



Dad was so tired from taking care of me today he crashed on my bed and I decided to curl up with him.  I still can’t figure out all these rules in this house and what’s the big deal about eating toilet paper anyway?

2 thoughts on “My Affinity for Toilet Paper

  1. Jeffery and Susan,

    Toilet paper is better than used Kleenex, which is what Maggie prefers. If Perry gets too much toilet paper he will most likely just give it back to you early in the morning on your best rug. If you don’t Folex (carpet spot cleaner) and Nature’s Miracle (stain and odor remover), you should acquire some. We actually have a “Barf Bucket” with all the necessary supplies for these types of situations.

    Perry looks like he is keeping you two busy and on your toes. The adventures have just begun…

    Uncle Pat

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