Perry Pumpky-Face Goes to Work

My Dad calls my “pumpky-face” since I LOVE the pumpkin he mixes in my food.  It keeps me regular and then I have normal digestion which seems important to my Mom – can’t imagine why.  I’ve doubled in size since I came to my new house – I was only 10 pounds and tonight Mom made me get on the scale and I was 19 pounds!  She told me she was not doing her job so well if I keep gaining weight – again I have no idea what that’s all about.

I went to work with Dad today in the high-rise.  I chewed up one of his client’s contracts so he was not too happy with me – he forgot that paper is one of my favorites.  AND can you believe that building?  I had to be carried in because no four legged creatures are allowed in public spaces.  So I taught them – I shared some yellow fluid at the valet station.

After a long day in the office and what seemed like forever in the car, I finally got dinner and then I decided Mom and Dad were a little too lethargic and needed to be riled up.   I sprawled up between Mom and Dad and here I am sacked out.  That annoying camera flash is interfering with my zzzz’s…

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