Perry Goes to Grandma’s House on National Puppy Day

In honor of national Puppy Day Dad decided to take me on a road trip.  He had lots of pictures to shoot for his photo class and Grandma and Grandpa were away and have a new kitchen so I got to go with my him and my human friend Andrew to San Luis Obispo.  It gave Mom a much-needed break from taking care of me and having to manage my every move AND I now get a chance to explore a new house.  Even better I got to miss Puppy kindergarten this week – yeah!

It is SO much fun.  There are bones hidden everywhere from my Auntie Victoria –  like an Easter egg hunt.   And there’s a kitty cat named Sashi who looks like a big pillow and I So want to play with her but she keeps going under the bed.  I can’t wait to explore the rest of the house but Dad seems to want to keep me in the kitchen near my crate – I think he’s afraid of what I might get into – but that’s what puppies do.  This is the best time ever on national puppy day!

2 thoughts on “Perry Goes to Grandma’s House on National Puppy Day

  1. Grandma and Grandpa Batchelor – Grandma and Grandpa Dopart are a bit too far for a car ride – I had a hard enough time getting to this house and Dad was pretty frazzled when we got there…

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