I’m HUGE and I Love my Food and Treats

Mom is getting worried.  I gained 3 pounds in the last few days so now I’m 23 pounds at 11 and a half weeks!  I am a growing puppy but I heard her asking Dad if this is normal.  I’m a Weimaraner and hunting dog so of COURSE it’s normal – silly Mom.  She thinks it might be the Holistic Select Puppy Food  I’m eating.  Mom went through hundreds of dog food review websites trying to find the perfect food for me.  She finally decided there was no perfect food but this one was pretty close.  It had good ingredients for a growing puppy.

Tonight she tried to get me to behave.  I knew I would get a treat- remember I’m smart so I was on to her.  Tonight I got Dogswell Happy Heart chicken breast with taurine and flaxseed – I know she recommends flax seed to her clients so I guess I had to have mine as well.  It tasted pretty good and here I am waiting till she got the picture – I’m not very good at waiting but it does happen occasionally….

2 thoughts on “I’m HUGE and I Love my Food and Treats

  1. Just thought I would throw it out there and I know this is old but I havent been keeping up with my Perry news! But the Dogswell is made in china.

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