Old Man Perry has another day in Puppy Kindergarten

I go to puppy kindergarten and learn the commands in one or two tries and then I’m done – bored and want to move on to the next thing.  My Mom and Dad are really holding me back.  They are the ones who need kindergarten since they don’t know the commands very well and get easily confused.  I remember they had a cat named George so this is all new to them.  I really belong in college but I heard that may not be an option for me since it is a lot of money.

I did help clean this week by taking all the paper stuff outside and shredding it for Mom.  I made it look like snow in the back yard. They don’t think I saw them laughing at me but I know cause I’m a smart dog.

Dad was sick this week so I got to lounge with him and now I’m a bit spoiled and decided to whine when I go into my metal cage – hopefully they will take me out but  I heard they are on to me…

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