It’s not Separation Anxiety – I’m just spoiled

Dad thought I had “separation anxiety”  since I whine, and howl when left alone.  Mom got on that machine she looks at and found out I’m just spoiled.

Uncle Pat and Auntie Dianne told Mom to buy me a Monster Mouth from  It’s okay but I get bored with in 5 minutes.  They thought it would be a good babysitter for me but boy were they mistaken.  I can get the kibble out in a few minutes.

Mom also bought me a new dish called Store-N-Feed, which I actually like since I can get my food easier, even with the ball they put in the center to try to slow me down.  The new bowl is supposed to help my digestion, but I don’t know what they are so concerned about since I eat all the yummy things in the  backyard.  Rocks and gravel are my second favorites.  My first favorite this week is gnawing on the back of the rugs.  Did you know that you can rip the trim on the bottom side of the rug off in one long piece, and it makes a great leash to bring out in the back yard?  I’m having so much fun.

Those books were right – I can destroy a room in 5 minutes – I wish they’d just leave me alone and let me do that – they are always on me – help!

3 thoughts on “It’s not Separation Anxiety – I’m just spoiled

  1. Perry,
    Just insist that your mom and dad fill your MonsterMouth about 6 times a day like Maggie does…whoops, Maggie just dropped hers on Becky’s head. Auntie Dianne also said your mom and dad could put bigger treats inside.
    Uncle Pat

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