I’m A Miniature Horse with a HUGE Appetite

I’m sitting here with one of my favorite toys – my rope – that Auntie Amy gave me for Easter.  I may look sweet and innocent but that is FAR from the truth.

This morning Dad gave me a big breakfast and then took me out for a long walk which I LOVE.  Mom played with me a little and then was trying to get some work done (she works too much at that machine of hers -can’t imagine what she does for that long).



It wasn’t even noon but I was getting REALLY hungry – so I ran outside and took a plant out of the yard.  I thought it was okay since Mom told me I needed to get my green veggies but from the look on her face I think this was not the right kind.  Dad says I need to tell him when I’m hungry but I”m not sure how to do that yet – I’m only a puppy!

Mom says she misses the days when she could pick me up – I weighed in at 35 pounds yesterday so she says I look like a little horse.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Miniature Horse with a HUGE Appetite

  1. Jeffery & Susan,
    Look on the bright side…at least Perry took his “greens” to his bed and not yours.
    Uncle Pat

  2. Perry, I love the new rope you like! It matches your collar and your beautiful blue eyes! It’s a great look on you. I’m glad your having fun with it. You did a very funny thing grabbing “the vegetables” and bringing them to your bed along with all the dirt. Make sure you ask Mom and Dad which are the “right” vegetables to eat. I can’t believe how fast you are growing..it must be all those yummy treats! Have fun playing with all your new friends. It’s good to run around and get all your engery out so you can rest when Mom has to do her work. Have fun and keep the photos coming! I’ll try to send you some more fun things to play with when I get a chance.

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