Perry and Frank


Mom and Dad are really tired so Dad called his photography friend JD to bring over Frank so I could get some of my energy out.  Although Frank is little he is REALLY fast and I loved chasing him around our yard.


Frank was a little shy at first since I’m bigger but he found out everyone is my friend.  I hope his Daddy JD brings him back soon since I loved playing with him.

I wish I could have a play date EVERY day so if you live close to me and have a dog I know it would make my Mom and Dad REALLY happy!

2 thoughts on “Perry and Frank

  1. Perry,

    This is your cousin Becky. You should do what I did and ask for a puppy. Maggie is my best friend even through at times she can be a pest. She is always there to play and keeps me company during the day. Only problem is that she sometimes steal my bones and slobbers all over them.


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