Perry or Punky?

Everyone asks me why my parents called me Perry.  When they came to pick me out of the litter my first Mom put periwinkle nail polish on my neck so they could remember me when they came back.  When they got home they decided to shorten it to Perry so that’s how my name came to be.

However, the first day I came home my tummy was upset and I couldn’t eat so Mom mixed pumpkin in my food and that helped A LOT and I haven’t stopped eating since.

That’s why Dad calls my Punky.  This morning he was yelling at me and called me Perry (so I knew I was in trouble) since I climbed on the back of the chair in the yard.  He had pushed the chair in to keep me off the table.  That was a joke since I can climb up there anyway since I’m such a BIG boy now – I’m really not Perry puppy anymore but becoming Perry the “young adult.”

Then I heard Dad complaining about what was going to happen at Thanksgiving.  I wonder if it involves a table AND food?  I can’t wait!

Rock ON

You cannot believe how my weekend turned out.  First off Dad has been working a lot so he came home in a grumpy mood but I used my charm on him and we had some good time playing.  Then I heard Auntie Chris was coming over for dinner – ut-oh – that means I’ll have to be in my crate with what seems like forever!  I had a fun time with her and now she says she likes dogs too (Mom says she’s a cat person but maybe I’ll convert her to dogs with enough visits!)

They got home and then I heard Dad call me into the bedroom.  The dreaded crate – again – I already spent 2 hours in it tonight.  But to my surprise he had me get in the “big boy bed.”  Then I heard Mom and him arguing that I could not be trusted out of the crate at night. Thank goodness Dad won the argument and I got to sleep in my new bed – us guys were sticking together.

I slept so sound in my new bed – I could stretch out without getting hit by the sides of the crate since I’m SOOO big now.  Mom and Dad were sleeping soundly too and Dad was snoring and then….I felt this bad pain in my tummy and the big rock I ate yesterday came hurling out.  Mom and Dad looked like they had seen a ghost!  I heard Dad say I could have died.  What do they expect since I have to have something to chew on since my baby teeth are falling out and new ones coming in every day?  Now I have to be watched every moment in the yard too!  So much for independence.

Mom was GONE and Dad Irritated Me

Mom had to go away AGAIN to Kansas City.  I have no idea where that is but it was something to do with beef –  I think it’s similar to the Bully Sticks Mom buys me when she wants me to behave.

I don’t like it when Mom is gone since I have no schedule – I have to get my OWN vitamin off the counter, I can’t get in to the refrigerator to get my fish oil and yogurt and Dad is busy using that big black box to take pictures…I can’t figure out why he takes so many pictures – who needs them anyway?
Since Dad was not paying enough attention to ME and working with Uncle Andrew on pictures AGAIN I showed him.  I stole his “prop” as he calls it since it is my favorite food with the crowns and ran to the couch.  I love it when he chases me but this time he just followed me with the black box.  Later on I stole the toilet paper and shredded it and THAT got his attention.
The game was not over since he put the controller thing on me so after he took it off I went and hid it.  Thank goodness Mom came home last night.  I heard Dad has to work all weekend so maybe I can terrorize her while she’s trying to unpack.  After all, I’m puppy Perry and that’s what puppies do best.

I LOVE the Little Crowns

Mom was chopping up my favorite vegetable for dinner and I decided I wanted some too – they always leave me out and it’s high time I eat what they do!  Mom calls it broccoli but I call it the little crowns.  I took part of it she was throwing in the garbage and ran in the back yard.

For some odd reason she didn’t chase me this time so I came in and quietly ate in on the kitchen floor.  I guess this is not as bad for me as when I steal the toilet paper – not sure why since they are both full of fiber, right?  Remember my Mom is a nutritionist so I picked up a few things since I’ve been here for the last 12 weeks.

Dad and I were “Batchelors”

Today Mom came home from her conference in Pasadena where she showed off her new book.  Now don’t get me wrong I am all about being a bachelor with Dad, but it sure is nice to have her come back since someone has to give me my vitamins.

Mom was excited to see me and I enjoyed her talking to Dad about how good I was and what perfection I was at day care…Dad even told her about my new girl crush Lucy the Lab.

The best part was he did not tell her about me getting up on the table with on all fours and eating off the plates or  when I got into the dog food bin and tanked up for about 10 minutes.  Good thing because I could have gotten into big trouble.

I’m almost 45 pounds and Mom was reminiscing about when I was a cute little puppy at 10 pounds and could barely walk – thank goodness those days are long gone!

I Don’t Like my Gentle Leader

There is this thing the parental units place on my face to “calm me down”.  At first they tried to put it on my face and go on a walk.  Well I taught them something…I just laid down and rolled in the street.  This infuriated dad but hey I know I can push the boundaries and I thought I would win.

Then the face controller thing started to appear when I wanted to play and get a rile out of them.  It made me crazy as I wanted to play and this inconvenient apparatus attached to my face was not only annoying but just not right. Then they started putting that thing on my face when people came to the house.  It makes me all calm and collect as dad said…almost like a valium…whatever that is???   Well I thought I would teach them a thing or two so now I just played woe is me so they will eventually feel bad (cuz I can put on the sad eyes) and take it off.

Tonight I pouted, went into my cage and pretended to have a melt down.  Somehow the pity party did not work but I finally got them to take it off due to good behavior.  Payback is coming tomorrow..

Mother’s Day had LOTS of Action

It’s been a busy day – Dad had me go out and search for a Mother’s Day Card for Mom and I finally found one and here I am bringing it to her in the early hours of the morning.

Dad had to go to work today and Mom had to work at home so I got a BIG treat she’s been saving  –  a MOO! Bully Stick that’s made of grass-fed meat – gives me more of the omega 3’s I love so much.  It is a great babysitter for me while she’s getting some work done.


However, what Mom did not realize is an expected visitor was going to show up to play with me and he was so nice.  We thought he had lost his home so Mom called Santa Monica animal control and they came in 5 minutes.  Little did she know it was the neighbors’ dog Kojo.



He just wandered over since he knew I needed some play time – I guess we’ll have to invite him back since Mom knows who he is now….