My Morning Puppy Routine

I have my routine – I whine till my Dad gets me out of my cage, then I gently (yeah-right) nudge him into getting me my breakfast, and by that time Mom gets home from the gym.

I try to jump on her  when she walks in the door but somehow she does not care for that type of affection.  I’m just trying to say hello so I don’t know why it bugs her so much?  BUT as soon as she walks in the kitchen I’m PERFECT.  I sit still like a little statue waiting for my vitamin.  Mom thinks they put crack in it since I can’t wait to get it.  She breaks it up into little pieces to dole it out.  Why can’t I have it ALL at once?  One of those unfair things in this household.

She gives me a little drop of fish oil on a spoon and then takes a shower.

I LOVE the shower since I sit under the heat lamp and soak all the warmth in.  And when she gets out I love to lick her toes and legs – lots of warm yummy water.  The rest of my day starts after that but somehow I wish we could repeat the morning ALL DAY LONG…

6 thoughts on “My Morning Puppy Routine

  1. Susan,
    You and Dianne must but be cut from the same cloth…she lets our dogs and cats lick the water off her feet too! With that look on Perry’s face I find it hard to believe he gets into that much trougle…

  2. Perry,
    You are just a normal puppy. You cousin Maggie has gotten into a lot of trouble but after 21 months she is starting to behave and be obedient. There is hope for your parent unit…they will eventually learn how to help you be a good dog.
    Uncle Pat

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