First Official Puppy Bath

Dad was complaining for a “month of Sundays” as he frequently says that I smell.  Can you believe it?  I don’t think I smell but I finally made him give me a bath to stop his whining.  I was well-behaved and took it like a trooper.

However, I decided since I was good I would officially take over the chair where he frequently sits.  After all – I’m king of the house!

2 thoughts on “First Official Puppy Bath

  1. Hi Perry
    I am thinking about dog crates and wondered if you have any opinions about what I best? Signed- Puppy Crazy

  2. Dad says you need to get a crate that can divide so when you’re a puppy you can feel safe in a small space. As I got bigger Mom and Dad took away the divider and now I fill almost the whole crate….Perry

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