I Don’t Like my Gentle Leader

There is this thing the parental units place on my face to “calm me down”.  At first they tried to put it on my face and go on a walk.  Well I taught them something…I just laid down and rolled in the street.  This infuriated dad but hey I know I can push the boundaries and I thought I would win.

Then the face controller thing started to appear when I wanted to play and get a rile out of them.  It made me crazy as I wanted to play and this inconvenient apparatus attached to my face was not only annoying but just not right. Then they started putting that thing on my face when people came to the house.  It makes me all calm and collect as dad said…almost like a valium…whatever that is???   Well I thought I would teach them a thing or two so now I just played woe is me so they will eventually feel bad (cuz I can put on the sad eyes) and take it off.

Tonight I pouted, went into my cage and pretended to have a melt down.  Somehow the pity party did not work but I finally got them to take it off due to good behavior.  Payback is coming tomorrow..

One thought on “I Don’t Like my Gentle Leader

  1. Perry,

    My parent unit also tried the Gentle Leader on me! How degrading. As soon as I found some grass on my walk I would roll over and over until I was able to make it come off. I think these torture devices should be banned as cruel and unusual punishment.

    Your Cousin Becky

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