Dad and I were “Batchelors”

Today Mom came home from her conference in Pasadena where she showed off her new book.  Now don’t get me wrong I am all about being a bachelor with Dad, but it sure is nice to have her come back since someone has to give me my vitamins.

Mom was excited to see me and I enjoyed her talking to Dad about how good I was and what perfection I was at day care…Dad even told her about my new girl crush Lucy the Lab.

The best part was he did not tell her about me getting up on the table with on all fours and eating off the plates or  when I got into the dog food bin and tanked up for about 10 minutes.  Good thing because I could have gotten into big trouble.

I’m almost 45 pounds and Mom was reminiscing about when I was a cute little puppy at 10 pounds and could barely walk – thank goodness those days are long gone!

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