Rock ON

You cannot believe how my weekend turned out.  First off Dad has been working a lot so he came home in a grumpy mood but I used my charm on him and we had some good time playing.  Then I heard Auntie Chris was coming over for dinner – ut-oh – that means I’ll have to be in my crate with what seems like forever!  I had a fun time with her and now she says she likes dogs too (Mom says she’s a cat person but maybe I’ll convert her to dogs with enough visits!)

They got home and then I heard Dad call me into the bedroom.  The dreaded crate – again – I already spent 2 hours in it tonight.  But to my surprise he had me get in the “big boy bed.”  Then I heard Mom and him arguing that I could not be trusted out of the crate at night. Thank goodness Dad won the argument and I got to sleep in my new bed – us guys were sticking together.

I slept so sound in my new bed – I could stretch out without getting hit by the sides of the crate since I’m SOOO big now.  Mom and Dad were sleeping soundly too and Dad was snoring and then….I felt this bad pain in my tummy and the big rock I ate yesterday came hurling out.  Mom and Dad looked like they had seen a ghost!  I heard Dad say I could have died.  What do they expect since I have to have something to chew on since my baby teeth are falling out and new ones coming in every day?  Now I have to be watched every moment in the yard too!  So much for independence.

3 thoughts on “Rock ON

  1. Wow! Perry, you have the most interesting adventures! I’m glad you hurled the rock out. I hope you remember that’s what happens when you eat rocks. Next time, eats some more crunchy broccoli.

    Love, Aunt Dianne

  2. Oh Perry,
    You should not eat rocks or anything else that is not food…just ask your cousin Maggie. You two are starting to sound very much alike.
    Uncle Pat

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