Perry or Punky?

Everyone asks me why my parents called me Perry.  When they came to pick me out of the litter my first Mom put periwinkle nail polish on my neck so they could remember me when they came back.  When they got home they decided to shorten it to Perry so that’s how my name came to be.

However, the first day I came home my tummy was upset and I couldn’t eat so Mom mixed pumpkin in my food and that helped A LOT and I haven’t stopped eating since.

That’s why Dad calls my Punky.  This morning he was yelling at me and called me Perry (so I knew I was in trouble) since I climbed on the back of the chair in the yard.  He had pushed the chair in to keep me off the table.  That was a joke since I can climb up there anyway since I’m such a BIG boy now – I’m really not Perry puppy anymore but becoming Perry the “young adult.”

Then I heard Dad complaining about what was going to happen at Thanksgiving.  I wonder if it involves a table AND food?  I can’t wait!

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