I was JUST trying to help water

This morning was very busy.  Mom and Dad went to the gym to try and get in shape to keep up with me – I’m not sure that is possible but I don’t blame them for wanting to try.

When they got home Mom was trying to make breakfast and Dad was trying to read the paper since I try to prevent that from happening most mornings – remember ALL the attention needs to be on ME!  They were ignoring me so I decided to run outside and help with watering.  When I go outside that usually gets their attention since they don’t want me eating rocks – not sure why (???)

I got the watering thingy and dumped it and ran all over the yard.  They did not flinch so I jumped on the chair.  Somehow this theft did not phase them either.  I guess their age has gotten to them so why go to the gym after all?

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