Toilet Paper and a Nap

I’m sneaky and coy – I wait till they are not watching and then I go in the bathroom and steal my FAVORITE toy – toilet paper.  It’s so soft and fun to munch on and tear apart and there’s SOO much of it – I just can’t get enough.  Dad is mad since I destroyed at least 10 rolls in the last 2 weeks.  I overheard him saying he was going to hide it in the drawer.  Has he forgotten I can open drawers?  Hmmm..

After Dad had chased me this afternoon he was really tired of hide and seek so he took a little nap on my bed and I thought I would keep him company.  I guess he has to go to the gym more to keep up with me…and what is up with that farmer tan?

4 thoughts on “Toilet Paper and a Nap

  1. Jeffery & Susan, Don’t worry too much about the toilet paper. Eventually Perry will graduate to stealing food off the table or counter like Maggie. Uncle Pat

    • Hey Susan.We keep a watchful eye on Maggie. Don’t turn your back. And if you have to turn your back, maybe preparing for visitors, put the dog in a different room or outside.

      Just be glad it’s not the couch. When we got Becky, we would let her chew up boxes, like cereal boxes, that we were discarding. That way she got her chewing in and it didn’t destroy anything that wasn’t going in the trash anyway.

      Unfortunately, this did not work with our new dog, Maggie. She swallows the cardboard and then throws it up.



  2. YESSSS – Perry eats most anything he can get his teeth into. He’s still teething so rocks, gravel, twigs, toilet paper, cardboard boxes all feel good to him and he DOES need to be watched every moment – glad we’re not the only ones…S

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