I Make Sure to say my Prayers

Even though I’m a big boy I still say my prayers each day to not get in trouble AGAIN, make sure I don’t have to go to the hospital to have surgery for all those things I eat in the yard, and get my treats…Mom and Dad use those sparingly.

I heard Mom and Dad saying Grandpa B is going to try to break me of my toilet paper theft problem.  Little does he know he’s going to have to watch a lot of bathrooms since toilet paper is my addiction!  I definitely don’t want to be in the dog house on vacation so I’m saying some extra prayers for that!

3 thoughts on “I Make Sure to say my Prayers

  1. Hi Perry! We were wondering how you are doing and we see you are growing big and strong and, of course, eating well! Toilet paper, huh? Your cousin Bogie loved that stuff too. I always kept the bathroom door closed because of it! Rocks? Come on, Perry. Mom and Dad aren’t that bad at cooking are they? We all know you are king of everything, so take your chair-throne and enjoy! Tell Mom and Dad you need a whining tree. They will know what that means! Love you lots.

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