I’m Having SO much fun

Dad left me at Grandma and Grandpa’s this morning and went home without me – not sure if he was mad or just needs a break.  I’m hoping he just needs a break since I do like living in Santa Monica.

After he left I helped Grandma make the beds – I’m not sure she liked it since I could not help myself and chewed on her blankets.  I then went to the laundry room and found my second FAVORITE thing in the world – a big roll of toilet paper called paper towels.  Boy – I was in heaven!  Grandma was finishing up the bed so I pulled it off the washer and shredded it all over the kitchen and family room.  When Grandma came out of the bedroom, somehow it did not faze her and she just handed me a chew toy and quietly picked up the paper towels.

Now I’m outside helping Grandpa clean off the patio.  My Aunt Vickie seems to be warming up to me and maybe she’ll play with me tomorrow.  I’m here 2 weeks so I have lots of time to get her on my good side….

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