A Letter to My Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad:

I’ having so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa B’s! I’m learning a lot and love the smell here in SLO – it’s so much healthier than the LA smog.

I’m learning so much about nature and here’s my list:

1. We stay away from the creek and ice plant because of the poison oak
2. I now know what a king snake looks like
3. The big white dog who touches noses with me is really a horse-he has other friends in the neighborhood too!
4. People ride horses around here as much as they drive cars
5. Yesterday I met 3 pigs and their 4-H Moms. They are learning how to follow directions for the fair next month – maybe I can go too??

Grandpa was so proud of me. He said I had a very solid point when I observed my first cotton tail. Maybe I’ll be a hunting dog after all rather than a city dog.

I still have my chewing problems, which keeps Grandma and Grandpa very busy. Grandma found out ice cubes seem to help when my teeth are realy bothering me. Hope you are having a nice time. I have been good about taking my vitamins, fish oil and yogurt. Grandma also gives me broccoli and green beans. Can’t wait until you get home. I miss you.



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