I’m BACK and I’m HUGE

Mom and Dad were in for a BIG surprise. I’m growing like a weed and am now 58 pounds although I really look bigger than that. I look like an adult but I’m still Puppy Perry and I love to play.

I had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa B’s house and got Victoria to really like me. I did not get that good of report card since Grandma and Grandpa trusted me too much and I was naughty and destroyed a rug or two. I’m not sure I’ll be welcome back too soon. Dad says he’s going to up the training – we’ll see how that one goes.

For now I’m home and resting from the long car trip. Mom keeps looking at me like I’m some sort of Alien – I guess she still can’t believe I’m this big but I am and I’m going to get BIGGER 🙂

Dad got a measurement thingy out and measured me when I was all stretched out – I was 64 inches – so I AM taller than Mom – I don’t think she’s too happy about that….

One thought on “I’m BACK and I’m HUGE

  1. Perry, You have grown into a very hansome dog. Did your parents research how big you would get before they adopte you? With mutts you never know but with fine dogs like yourself, it is very predictible. Your mom will get over it…your just a big lovable puppy.

    Uncle Pat

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