I am OUT of Control

Mom and Dad are not so happy with me tonight.  I overheard them saying they can’t wait till I get clipped this Tuesday – not sure what that means but hopefully it’s good.

I am very tall now so nothing is out of my reach.  I even got the bananas tonight which were WAY up on the counter – Dad was not so happy since he eats one a day.

Dad was carefully putting in receipts from the trip today and he had a phone call so I decided to take the opportunity to mess up all his work – he was really mad and called Mom.  His patience is wearing so he had Mom deal with me tonight.  I figured I’d better obey so when I stole the TV remote for the 5th time she told me to drop it and I did.  There are WAY too many rules around here.  I should have the run of the house and I’m big enough now to have it – I just have to get Mom and Dad on board.

One thought on “I am OUT of Control

  1. Precocious Perry….You are a teenager in a very awkward stage. You look like an adult, but still have the impulses of a child …… Hopefully, once your hormones settle down you’ll mellow out and not have to be in “time out” so much! When you figure out that good behavior begets great treats you will really begin to live the good life.

    The Liquori’s in Gainesville Florida wish you a speedy recovery after your procedure.

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