First they Take My Manhood and Now This

Well I found it kind of odd that Dad started covering all the wood furniture in the house.  Apparently my plastic collar is hurting the house so Dad was grumbling about spending his retirement to get me more stuff at the store.

I am not happy with this setup either.  I can’t chew bricks, take shoes outside and I am REALLY upset that the toilet paper is out of my reach.  They are taking ALL my fun away!  I feel like I should put this on HIS face.

I look like a stupid football linebacker.  Tomorrow I’ll probably have kneepads.  I’ll keep you posted but this surgery thing has really put a wrench in my healthy lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “First they Take My Manhood and Now This

  1. Wow Perry!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what you did but even your cousin Maggie did not get into this much trouble. Your parent unit must really love you a lot.

    Uncle Pat

  2. Yes- there were words last night about “what were they thinking when they got me?” – not sure what that means but it might not be good. I know I’m a lot of work but isn’t that what dogs are about?

  3. Good Lord! Poor Perry looks like Hannibal Lector in that outfit. At least he could use it as a ready made Halloween costume if small children wouldn’t run at the first sight of him. Poor Pitiful Perry!

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