I’m ALMOST There

I have one more day to freedom.  My scar is healing nicely and I am driving Mom and Dad NUTS with having to lay low and be “contained” by the apparatus. Dad had to put band-aids on the controller mask since I got a little sore from wearing it.

When Dad took off the mask tonight for dinner I was a good boy and ate my little crowns which Mom calls broccoli.

After dinner I decided to bug them as much as possible and pounce on them while they are eating to get more attention.  However, I  get the most attention when I saunter by them and body slam myself to the floor.  Mom says I’ the drama King.  However, while she was writing the blog for me I put my head in her lap since I love it when she rubs my head and ears – that’s the best.  I know when to behave – it’s just whether I choose to do it.

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