I’m Finally out of Jail and I Almost got a sister

So the mask came off yesterday but I was a little too excited with my freedom.  I immediately ran in the back yard and decided to eat rocks again.  Dad was not too thrilled and put my mask on for a period of time today which seemed like forever.

Mom had to go to get me some treats at the dog store and saw a little 12 week old black and white kitty who needed adopting and was VERY tempted to bring her home.  Dad thought I might hurt her – WHEW  – that was a close one.  I want the house and my parents ALL to myself since I am the epitome of narcissism.  I want all the attention on me and when I am not getting it I go find something I’m not supposed to, steal it, and run in the back yard.

Mom and Dad are a little sick of this behavior and may step up the “training” as they call it.

I was a little excited about getting a sister – just think about all the “almond roca”  at my disposal from the cat box – maybe I should consider sharing after all….

3 thoughts on “I’m Finally out of Jail and I Almost got a sister

  1. Perry,

    I think you would love having a kitty as a sister. Maggie and Becky love the Almond Roca that our kitties produce. Just make sure your mom gets a sister. Boy kitties are mean.

    Uncle Pat

  2. I think a sister for Perry is a great idea! There’s enough love in the two of you for another! You could name her Katie! 🙂

  3. I love that you wanted to get a new kitty! A new kitty would be great. Then Perry has a playmate to keep him occupied and they can run around toghter and have fun. Now is the time since they are both young. The Felman’s comment was classic naming the kitty, Katie. I totally got the joke. Katie Perry is the name a of very popular pop singer these days. Ahhh, kitties are so cute. That way Susan can have her kitty to snuggle with and Jeffery can have Perry to snuggle with. His and Her.. it’s would be a great Christmas card photo.

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