Puppy Day Camp transitions to Boot Camp

Dad tried to drop me off at the old day puppy day care today since he had one day left and when I got there I was really nervous and did not want to go behind the glass door.  I was shocked that Dad told the worker “he doesn’t want to be here.”  Dad listened to me and let me go back in the car with him.  He took me across town to the new Doggy day camp which I LOVE and I had so much fun.  I guess my parents do love me and listen to my fragile ness.

Mom picked me up after work and I was hungry since it was past my dinner time.  She picked me up in Dad’s car since her car did not want to start this morning.  She was not happy with how I like to ride in the car with my hind quarter in the back seat, and my front paws in the passenger seat.  My stomach hangs over the console and it feels like I’m surfing and I like it.

The rumors are true – I’m supposed to go to Puppy Boot Camp tomorrow.  I’m trying to be good and here I am sacked out from day care so what they expect of me?  They want me to not pull when I walk, they don’t want me to jump up when I get excited when they are home, they have a problem with me taking things and running.  Come ON!  I’m just getting my exercise and running.  I hope it is fun.  I know they will miss me when I’m gone….

I Love the Mazes and Hear there’s a Rumor….

Things have changed in our house.  Apparently Mom and Dad wanted to fix some stuff but it’s all good to me.  I’ve been getting through the barriers and running all around in circles looking for new and interesting things.

There’s no doors on anything so I’m FREE to go wherever I want – it’s like heaven!  I do love feeling like I am part of the family and eating breakfast at the table but I’m starting to realize that is not an option based on reactions by Mom and Dad.

Dad was watering the lawn and plants yesterday and I LOVE running in the water and playing with the hose.  Needless to say we were both very dirty.  Dad decided to put me immediately in the tub.  I love it when I get a “shampoo and set.”

After all being all clean and content I overheard them talk about making a list of the items they wanted me to be able to DO.  Who on earth makes a checklist about that at 8 months old?  Then Dad said something about being there at 10 am on Thursday.  Another long car ride?  Ugh – I can wait to see what this one’s about…

I’m now a Botanist

It’s been a long hot day and potting outside was just not an option.  Mom and Dad were trying to relax and I was just not going to allow that to happen.

I thought they needed to help me accomplish one more task today so I ran outside and brought a pot in.  After all, they went to French class today and are trying to speak French to me so I have to offer some diversion.  I just hope I’m not too late since learning languages is not my forte.


I’m the Santa Monica Dog that Recycles!

Dad thinks he’s a genius by placing my favorite stones I like bring into the house up high.  But as you can see my latest growth spurt helps me get to high places.  Plus – I’m the poster child for recycling.

Recycling is an important aspect of life and all of us need to take an active role that it’s done correctly.  I was just checking to make sure Mom and Dad were putting the correct items in the recycle bin.

Things are really crazy right now at my house.  They are painting the doors and Dad is stripping all the hardware.  It has been SO much fun since there are no barriers and I have free reign of the house.  One good thing out of the chaos is Mom bought big marrow bones from Bob’s butcher.  They are yummy but they only tie me over for 45 minutes whereas they last most dogs a few days.  I clean them up really well.

So the house has no doors right now – but lots of sanding dust and a graveyard of bones.  Hmmm…I think I’m making my mark nicely.

I was so HOT in my new Bed

It’s been REALLY hot in Santa Monica.  I’m trying to keep up with my fluids like everyone says but it’s been tough.

I got a new metal thing that Mom and Dad keep me in during the night and when they desert me since I’m growing so fast and I like to stretch out.  I can’t imagine why they have a life without me since I like being the center of attention at all times.

I heard Mom laughing last night after I feel asleep and she snapped this picture of me – I’m really tired of the light in my eyes but I was so hot I did not care this time.  I was thinking sleeping on my back might help with feeling cooler but I’m not so sure it helped.

I thought I needed a New Bed

Dad was washing the bed cover and the inside looked so fun and yummy so I decided to have some fun.  Dad was not all that happy but Mom snapped a picture and so here I am. I’m hoping for a newer version of this bed – after all, I am the perpetual money pit.

Dad has been sick the last few days and I’m trying so hard to be good and quiet but I just can’t seem to help myself.  Mom says I have a “witching” hours between 6-8 and all my pent-up frustration from the day comes out.  I guess I’m just like humans, right?  They come home from work and eat their frustrations.  I guess that’s why Mom has a job to help them all – I’ve picked up a thing or two since I’ve lived here for almost 6 months.  Time has flown for me but not sure about that for Mom and Dad….

I DON’T Like Change and I’m LOST

I overheard Mom and Dad saying I’m at that adolescent stage where the dog books say I forget everything I learned.

This did not coincide well with things in the house.  Dad is trying to fix some damage to the walls in his bedroom so he moved all of us to the spare bedroom for a few weeks.  I did not like it and reverted to my first days here – I whined, could not settle down to sleep and was generally unhappy.  Mom finally came and laid down with me the first night for a little while and I was able to sleep and Dad did the second night but I still like being in the big bedroom.

I feel like a little lost puppy but I don’t look so puppy like (I’m at least 65 pounds).  My inner puppy needs a little support here.

The Race for Payback is in FULL Force

Mom got up early like she normally does and went to the gym.  I’m not allowed to sleep on their bed – ONLY on my big boy bed.

However, this morning Dad was sleeping very soundly so after Mom left I carefully got on the bed as to not disturb him.  He was smiling thinking Mom had stayed home and was snuggling with him.  You see I was really smart and laid with my back pressed to him.  It seemed like I got to lay there forever and then Dad reached over to put his hand on Mom and realized it was me.  Boy that voice was louder than any alarm clock!  But I did not give up without a proper fight.  I just became dead weight and leaned into him.  I thought I had pinned him down as he was yelling all the time trying to get out from under me.

I nearly claimed gold but at last he won and got me off.  I guess it was good while it lasted.  Maybe that will teach Dad to go the gym with Mom – he’s always complaining he needs to get in better shape anyway.