I DON’T Like Change and I’m LOST

I overheard Mom and Dad saying I’m at that adolescent stage where the dog books say I forget everything I learned.

This did not coincide well with things in the house.  Dad is trying to fix some damage to the walls in his bedroom so he moved all of us to the spare bedroom for a few weeks.  I did not like it and reverted to my first days here – I whined, could not settle down to sleep and was generally unhappy.  Mom finally came and laid down with me the first night for a little while and I was able to sleep and Dad did the second night but I still like being in the big bedroom.

I feel like a little lost puppy but I don’t look so puppy like (I’m at least 65 pounds).  My inner puppy needs a little support here.

2 thoughts on “I DON’T Like Change and I’m LOST

  1. I’m sorry you feel bad Perry. But without change we would never make any progress. If your parent unit did not want to change from kitties to puppies there would be no Puppy Perry. Hang in there…it will get better soon.
    Uncle Pat

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