I thought I needed a New Bed

Dad was washing the bed cover and the inside looked so fun and yummy so I decided to have some fun.  Dad was not all that happy but Mom snapped a picture and so here I am. I’m hoping for a newer version of this bed – after all, I am the perpetual money pit.

Dad has been sick the last few days and I’m trying so hard to be good and quiet but I just can’t seem to help myself.  Mom says I have a “witching” hours between 6-8 and all my pent-up frustration from the day comes out.  I guess I’m just like humans, right?  They come home from work and eat their frustrations.  I guess that’s why Mom has a job to help them all – I’ve picked up a thing or two since I’ve lived here for almost 6 months.  Time has flown for me but not sure about that for Mom and Dad….

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