I Love the Mazes and Hear there’s a Rumor….

Things have changed in our house.  Apparently Mom and Dad wanted to fix some stuff but it’s all good to me.  I’ve been getting through the barriers and running all around in circles looking for new and interesting things.

There’s no doors on anything so I’m FREE to go wherever I want – it’s like heaven!  I do love feeling like I am part of the family and eating breakfast at the table but I’m starting to realize that is not an option based on reactions by Mom and Dad.

Dad was watering the lawn and plants yesterday and I LOVE running in the water and playing with the hose.  Needless to say we were both very dirty.  Dad decided to put me immediately in the tub.  I love it when I get a “shampoo and set.”

After all being all clean and content I overheard them talk about making a list of the items they wanted me to be able to DO.  Who on earth makes a checklist about that at 8 months old?  Then Dad said something about being there at 10 am on Thursday.  Another long car ride?  Ugh – I can wait to see what this one’s about…

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