The Race for Payback is in FULL Force

Mom got up early like she normally does and went to the gym.  I’m not allowed to sleep on their bed – ONLY on my big boy bed.

However, this morning Dad was sleeping very soundly so after Mom left I carefully got on the bed as to not disturb him.  He was smiling thinking Mom had stayed home and was snuggling with him.  You see I was really smart and laid with my back pressed to him.  It seemed like I got to lay there forever and then Dad reached over to put his hand on Mom and realized it was me.  Boy that voice was louder than any alarm clock!  But I did not give up without a proper fight.  I just became dead weight and leaned into him.  I thought I had pinned him down as he was yelling all the time trying to get out from under me.

I nearly claimed gold but at last he won and got me off.  I guess it was good while it lasted.  Maybe that will teach Dad to go the gym with Mom – he’s always complaining he needs to get in better shape anyway.