No More Naughty House?

What a road trip I’ve had! Dad takes me in the car for a long drive and then drops me off a long ways away and leaves me!  However, this nice trainer lady, Shannon started using familiar words “off, leave it, and the infamous drop it.”

She helped me a lot and found out some of my issues.  The first problem was getting over my anxiety.  Apparently even with all my fish oil and vitamins I still get a little nervous when the parental units are not around…especially Dad – since he is part of the problem.  You know us boys have to stick together.

I really like Shannon because she liberated me from the gentle leader since it makes me more nervous.

Now I have an easy harness.  Dad tells me I look like I am from the Swiss Alps.  I can pull a little so walking is still a little challenging, but I get clicks and lots of treats if I don’t pull.

After Mom and Dad came to pick me up we had to sit and do training.  It was hot and I was hungry, and it took FOREVER.

I just wanted to get it over with and get in the car and go home.  When we finally got home, I had to start with more training in getting out of the car.  Hmm…wonder how long this is going to last?  Isn’t this the naughty house?

Once inside I instantly saw that all the doors were up which is already limiting my freedom. Then it was dinner.   I’m super hungry since I’m SO much bigger now!

Dad pulled out my new feeding thingy called the Kibble Nibble and filled it up.  I’ve been eating my dinner like this lately and my favorite part watching him panic as I rolled it all over the kitchen floor getting food everywhere.

It felt a little like soccer as Dad was trying to block the door with the broom, sweep up the dog food all the while I am trying to roll the food down the “don’t touch the walls” hallway….

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