Laying Low with Dad

I ate something that I shouldn’t have and unlike humans I did not feel guilty at all.  Since Dad turned his back while I was in the yard I took the opportunity and ate things that are NOT on my healthy eating plan.  Unfortunately it led to throwing up for a day and irritating my throat.

I guess that will teach me since I ended up at the vet for a day to see if I was really sick.  A paycheck and x-rays later my cute vet Annie at Pet Medical Center said I was okay but needed some medicine to help my lungs.  Dad felt sorry for me after that so decided to chill with me.

I know I’m a pain in the neck but I do have my sweet moments…

2 thoughts on “Laying Low with Dad

  1. Oh Perry!
    Poor dad 😦
    (poor paycheck)
    Bashful went into the hospital this week, too. And came home with the Cone of Shame. Which we refuse to make her wear. She is much too dignified for that. Anyway, she sends her sympathies and her fervent hope that you get well soon.
    Auntie Chris

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