I have a New Friend

Mom and Dad have to leave me in 2 weeks since Mom has to speak to a conference.  Not sure why people would want to hear her speak about exercise and pregnancy but maybe that’s important??

No one has to tell me to get exercise since I love to do that all day long!

Anyway, a nice lady named Lori from 4 Animal Magnetism came to meet me today who is going to watch me, and she is the teacher lady!  I got excited when she came in and she was all over me to make me mind – oh no.  Someone is on to me.

Anyway, I liked her a lot.  She has other dogs I can play with so I’ll get LOTS of exercise then.  Maybe Mom’s patients who need to exercise should take a hint from me…

2 thoughts on “I have a New Friend

  1. I think you should come stay with US!!! Maybe some time soon?? I’m sure you could have a lot of fun here!

    Aunt Dianne

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