Pumpky Perry

This is NOT a flattering picture of me but my appetite has not been great so Mom thought it best to add the pumpkin back to my food.  It did the trick and just in time for Halloween.

I don’t care much for the candy but the pumpkin gives me so many nutrients – vitamins A, C and the important phytochemicals alpha and beta carotene.  I guess those are the ones the help me feel better.  I’m almost done with my medicine and my throat is much better.  I guess it’s not a good idea to eat all the stuff in the yard.

I see the suitcase out and Mom and is going to speak at that InnerIDEA conference about Diabetes and Food Terms.  Dad has been gone a lot making sure the new office is just right for me.  Great – another Batchelor weekend without Mom and no structure.  I hope he remembers to give me my fish oil and vitamins since he can’t even remember to take his own.  We need Mom around to keep us both healthy…

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