I’ve been High Maintenance and Sulky

Mom went away this past weekend to speak to a bunch of  people and left Dad and I to fend for ourselves.  I did NOT like my routine disrupted.  I was not all that nice to Dad and kept looking for Mom to come home, but it took her a full 2 days.  She was tired when she arrived back but I did not care – I ran all around and wanted her to play with me – that will teach her to leave me.

Look at my new spot on the chair.  It does not make Dad happy that I am not staying on the sheet but I like the view from this elevation and it just annoys him which is my lot in life.

I’ve heard rumors Mom might go to a diabetes conference AGAIN this weekend and Dad might go with her.  The upside is I get to play with other dogs which might be more interesting since Mom and Dad get boring after a while.  I’ll report back later and let my peeps know – I’ve heard I have a following so I have to keep it up, right?

One thought on “I’ve been High Maintenance and Sulky

  1. Hey Perry- have you noticed that Mom and Dad seem to go to a lot more conferences now that you are in their lives? Thanks to you they will get really REALLY smart I think.
    Auntie C

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