My routine has been disrupted and I’m cold

I’m sorry I have not kept in touch with all of you.  Mom has been at conferences and she said all her energy is spent taking care of me when I’m home so I decided to take a nap this afternoon so she could keep in touch and write for me.

Wow things are crazy right now.  I do not know if they are coming or going.  This office stuff sure is putting a cramp in my run of the house.  There is furniture, lamps and pillows everywhere.  I do love the pillows as on occasion I get a hold of one and tear through the house.  Boy does that get Dad’s boxers in a bunch!  Remember pay back is a pleasure.

Also, it’s been cold here.  I do not like to go outside at all especially in the mornings – unless I am going for a walk.  The parental units do not like this thing called daylight savings?  My normal time for getting up was around 7 AM and now I am wide awake at 6 ready to GO.  Dad has been talking me on long morning walks and I really like it but he’s not all that happy that it is earlier than usual – he likes his sleep-in’s.

Anyway, since it’s been cold I was a little upset that they did not give me the fancy comforter, which is really soft and smells of birds…so I decided to pull the entire thing into my cage and make a bed.  That did not sit well with Dad…but I loved every minute of my playtime. I had a time out while he had to clean up all the feathers – maybe next time I’ll have more fun with it since I am a bird dog after all.

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