I Just Can’t Help Myself

PPNOkay – I have a confession to make.  Peanut butter (high in monounsaturated fat  – the good kind) is probably my favorite food, only second to European cheese (high in omega 3’s).  And I will eat any treats given to me.  So it’s really quite natural that Paul Newman Peanut Butter Dog treats are my addiction.  And guess what?  My great Aunt Marjorie sent me not 1, not 2, or 3 or 4 but SIX bags of them for Christmas.  I could hardly contain myself.  It was party time in the Perry  house.

Now I just have to figure out how to get them whenever I want since they are stashed on top of the refrigerator.  I guess that’s the only place in the house I’m not tall enough to reach quite yet?

My New Favorite Toy!

IMG-20121225-00888What an exciting day!  Now I know what this Christmas thing is all about – PRESENTS!

This morning I woke up and Dad took me on a walk.  We came back and had breakfast and I got this toy called an Advent Calendar but I was happy since it was soft and squeaky.  Then I got a second toy called a Sprong that squeaked just like a dolphin – I really LOVE IT!



I’ve been  running into Mom and Dad all day squeaking the dolphin – it’s fun, loud and seems to irritate the parental units – what a great present!  Santa really delivered this year.  Then after that I wanted another present but it looked like I was done.  Maybe I am just like a kid on Christmas and could subscribe to this holiday…

Christmas Gifts and Cookies!

IMG-20121222-00871I think I’m really liking this season called Christmas.  First Auntie Chris came to visit me on Friday – she let me lick her face, she played with me and even stayed to tuck me in at night.  I was so sad to see her leave I tried to delay bedtime, but it did not work.

This Christmas thing is pretty cool- you get free gifts like the one Grandma and Grandpa D and Auntie Amy.  They sent me this cool dish portable water bowl I can take with me on trips – I knew it was mine when it came and snagged it off the table along with the bone and here I am enjoying my gift all by myself.

Did I mention the snacks?  Dad likes to call them scooby snacks but I don’t care what they are called just as long as I can have some.  This weekend the parental units have been in the kitchen making food.  And I found out when Mom makes cookies I am just FIXATED on her and the possibilities of some falling on the floor.  The smell of the cookies makes my heart sing!  We know now that I am truly a Dopart-Batchelor dog since there is no other place I’d rather be than in the kitchen.  I AM a foodie so it’s a good thing my Mom is a dietitian just in case I start to look like that metabolically challenged kitty a few blogs ago.

photoAs you can see I was trying to steal the dough bowl or at least a lick but I overheard Mom telling Dad dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate – that did not faze me in the least since it smelled SO good.  Mom said I get plenty of treats and these were for humans only but I think I’ve been around long enough to be human, right?

Today I worked with Dad in the garage since he was getting a donation together to drop off at Harvest Home.  This is a wonderful place to help women who are pregnant and do not have a home.  Mom teaches nutrition there and Dad is going to help organize them.  All I care about is I get to go there this year since they have a house dog for me to play with.  Hope you are all having a nice holiday – I’m going to spend the rest of the day eating my bone from Bob’s and listening to holiday music.  I hear I may get to watch a Christmas movie tonight – all I care about is the snacks while we watch it….

I’m Just Trying to be Helpful

IIMG_3105t’s been raining here more than I like.  I know we need the rain and I admit I love water but it makes the yard muddy and since I don’t have all that much fur getting wet makes me cold.  We know I don’t like the cold and avoid it at all costs.  Dad was trying to clean up in the yard so I decided it was time for me to pull my weight (all 80 pounds) so I followed him around trying to be helpful but I was a little disruptive and Dad put the lease on me.  It was okay since we got to play a little bit.

photoLater I thought I would save him time and check his email for him.  Since I don’t know how to type it was challenging but checking counts, right?  Things have finally calmed down but I have yet to be invited to the new office but I may get to make my debut next week.  I’m told I have to “behave” as if that counts.  Slowly I am learning how to be a civilized dog – I do drop things when I’m cornered, I did bring the mail to Dad yesterday when he asked me to, and today when Dad left to go to work I went in the crate all by MYSELF without having to be told to – imagine that?  I may turn out to be a good dog after all…

I Just Want to Eat Breakfast at the Big Table

photoMom and Dad always eat at the breakfast table while I’m made to eat my breakfast in a bowl on the kitchen floor.  It’s really not fair.  I maintain a healthy diet like Mom tells me to – I eat my protein, fruits, veggies and good fats.  Broccoli and mexican guavas are my favorites and I’ll do anything for cheese – especially European Cheese Mom cuts up for her lunches  so why can’t I eat breakfast at the table too?!

This morning while Mom was putting her breakfast together I decided it was finally time to start this tradition so I climbed up into her chair and as you can see I fit just fine.  I was only a little cramped – hence the little bit of sadness in my eyes since the side of the chair was slightly hurting my hip – but not too bad and it was all worth it to be here enjoying the view of what was on the table.

It’s too bad Mom and Dad decided not to get one of those funny looking trees people apparently get at this time of year since I would have had LOTS of fun with those little hanging things.  I found one Dad put out and ran around with it in my mouth – boy did he get mad.

Apparently it was one of Mom’s special Eddie Walker ornaments – I’ll have to be more prepared for those next year since it was put away immediately.  If you have any to share, bring them over but I can’t promise to give them back…

Puppy Play for the Holidays

IMG-20121209-00850Hello out there!  Hope you are all enjoying your holidays because apparently I am going to get coal in my stocking.  What on earth is Dad talking about?  I just hope it is hard and I can chew on it.  This all started a few days ago when I was absolutely doing nothing.  I mean it is not my fault they left their bedroom door open a little.  You know I can open doors.  I love to take a running start and just power punch the door open.  It is one of my favorites.

Well I did this and had free range of their room.  Oh how I love the fluffy bed and pillows.  It’s like an obstacle course in there.  They have this cool rug and I just had this compulsion to start to dig at it.  Boy you would have though I had eaten a hole in the wall.  I mean I think I added some stringing texture to that thing.  Dad seemed less than impressed and said he needed a time out from me. Can you believe that?

Then later I was chasing after that PITA of a squirrel and came galloping back into the house sharing that I had chased him out of the yard.  It has been raining down here and the yard was muddy.  I love water and mud!  I think it’s in my bones since I got really excited and like I said came barreling through the house barking and running.  I forgot to wipe my feet and just tracked in a little of the mud.   Dad seems to only want a clean floor – I guess he did not think about that when he decided to get a Weimaraner now, did he?

On another note I am now 11 months old and weigh 80 pounds.  I am loving life and feel blessed by my land of beds so I must be doing something right.

I got a New Bone and Now I’m Away

IMG-20121128-00837Mom’s friend and my Auntie Stacey got me this cool new bone.  It’s much better than the other ones and Mom was happy since it kept me busy for hours which is a hard thing to do now that I’m almost 11 months old.  Can you believe I’ll be 1 year old soon?  I think I’m supposed to have a birthday party and get presents.  More bones would be good if you can send those.

Otherwise a visit will do since I like just about everyone, except for squirrels and crows.  They seem to always taunt me in the back yard.  There’s this one squirrel who likes to run back and forth on the top of the fence and yell at me, which is really annoying.  It must have really annoyed Dad since I had to get in the plants to try and get the squirrel and he used his outside voice to get me out of the plants.

Mom’s new office is almost done.  She and Dad were so busy putting it all together this weekend they let me go to Lori’s house so I would get way more attention.  I love being with Lori since I get to be the “working dog” that I was bred to be.  Home in a few days and maybe I’ll get to see the new office but only if I behave.  Not sure I am capable of that quite yet…