Puppy Play for the Holidays

IMG-20121209-00850Hello out there!  Hope you are all enjoying your holidays because apparently I am going to get coal in my stocking.  What on earth is Dad talking about?  I just hope it is hard and I can chew on it.  This all started a few days ago when I was absolutely doing nothing.  I mean it is not my fault they left their bedroom door open a little.  You know I can open doors.  I love to take a running start and just power punch the door open.  It is one of my favorites.

Well I did this and had free range of their room.  Oh how I love the fluffy bed and pillows.  It’s like an obstacle course in there.  They have this cool rug and I just had this compulsion to start to dig at it.  Boy you would have though I had eaten a hole in the wall.  I mean I think I added some stringing texture to that thing.  Dad seemed less than impressed and said he needed a time out from me. Can you believe that?

Then later I was chasing after that PITA of a squirrel and came galloping back into the house sharing that I had chased him out of the yard.  It has been raining down here and the yard was muddy.  I love water and mud!  I think it’s in my bones since I got really excited and like I said came barreling through the house barking and running.  I forgot to wipe my feet and just tracked in a little of the mud.   Dad seems to only want a clean floor – I guess he did not think about that when he decided to get a Weimaraner now, did he?

On another note I am now 11 months old and weigh 80 pounds.  I am loving life and feel blessed by my land of beds so I must be doing something right.

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