I’m Just Trying to be Helpful

IIMG_3105t’s been raining here more than I like.  I know we need the rain and I admit I love water but it makes the yard muddy and since I don’t have all that much fur getting wet makes me cold.  We know I don’t like the cold and avoid it at all costs.  Dad was trying to clean up in the yard so I decided it was time for me to pull my weight (all 80 pounds) so I followed him around trying to be helpful but I was a little disruptive and Dad put the lease on me.  It was okay since we got to play a little bit.

photoLater I thought I would save him time and check his email for him.  Since I don’t know how to type it was challenging but checking counts, right?  Things have finally calmed down but I have yet to be invited to the new office but I may get to make my debut next week.  I’m told I have to “behave” as if that counts.  Slowly I am learning how to be a civilized dog – I do drop things when I’m cornered, I did bring the mail to Dad yesterday when he asked me to, and today when Dad left to go to work I went in the crate all by MYSELF without having to be told to – imagine that?  I may turn out to be a good dog after all…

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