Chillin’ waiting for my Friends

work, dogs, perry, scotch, Centinela Feed, daycare, playing, resting,weimaranerAs a typical day goes, I have to be at what my Dad calls “the days” which is doggie day camp at Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies.

My friend Wendy Rios took this awesome picture of me – don’t I look handsome?  Things have been as usual busy around the house.

Dad is creating recipes for the new cookbook which I’m pleased about since I get some extra scooby snacks.

It was pretty exciting last night as I was going out to do my business before bed and out of the corner of my eyes I saw something saunter across the back yard and instantly I flew off the front porch and had IT’S tail in my mouth.

Mom and Dad were screaming “drop it” as I was running around trying to catch it.  It ran into the bushes and Dad was trying to pull my tail as I was trying to pull what they called the possum’s tail.  It was beyond thrilling – and that’s why it’s never a dull moment in the Dopart/Batchelor household.

I need to go to Bones Anonymous

photo-1Mom thinks I need to go to Bones Anonymous.  Dad is my supplier and gets my bones from Bob’s and they are healthy for me so why not?  Besides, Dad knows it’s the best babysitter EVER!

However, it does seem that my bone addiction takes over the house and on occasion I have heard a scream in the middle of the night from someone stepping on a chewed up slobbery bone.

And we all know from our ancestors (I’ve been reading a thing or two) that bones are good for my shiny coat besides keeping me very busy…

It’s SO Cold

photo-1This week was tough – it was SO cold in Santa Monica.  I’ve heard there are much colder places but I prefer the warm – remember I have no hair so it’s a challenge.

I graduated to my big boy bed again after many months and I am being much better about going to bed now.  Dad set up a tent so I’m always covered and warm.

Sometimes in the middle of the night the covers come off and I get cold and wake Mom up to cover me up again.

I love the soft feel of the blankets and Mom doesn’t seem to mind too much since I go right back to sleep.  Now that I’m a year old I am becoming a little better each day – I drop things more quickly, I don’t steal quite as often, and I lounge at night instead of running all over the house.  Don’t I look cute in my tent bed?  I have that silky smooth skin still since Dad gives me all those marrow bones high in protein and iron and Mom continues to give me all my omega 3’s.

It’s my Birthday Week

IMG-20130108-00914I was ONE year old this week on Wednesday – can you believe it?

I heard Dad mumbling to himself that he wished I was already 2 – something about me calming down (???)

For starters I got to share some of Dad’s berry smoothie – oh SO yummy.

Dad complains about having to eat breakfast (something I NEVER complain about since I’m ready to eat at all times) but decided to have a protein packed smoothie on my birthday.

I was glad to share it with him since it has ground flax seeds full of omega 3 fats to make my coat shiny, lots of phytochemicals in the berries so I can live a long healthy life and protein for energy so I can drive the parental units more insane than I already do.



Then I got to go on a big boy walk with Dad.  I’m looking so grown-up now I can hardly stand it. I look more grown up than I act but maybe by next birthday my behavior will have caught up with my age.


photoMom is amazed at one thing I do do EVERYDAY – maybe multiple times per day.  And what may that be?

I do my downward facing dog pose.  And the best part is I never even had to go to a silly class to learn it – I just do it.  Amazing isn’t it, since I need to be trained to do everything else.

So there you have it.  I guess you humans should do it too since I’m so strong, limber, and can leap over any couch you give me.  Maybe even buildings if I try.

No Stone Unturned

perry_brickI still love seeking attention.  There is nothing better than giving the parental units a run for their money.  No matter how hard I try with getting their attention these days nothing seems to phase them.

Stealing something and running around the back yard does not get the same rile I used to.  However, on occasion when I not the full focus I have to pull out all the stops.  So I just dug this brick out of the patio.

I then proceeded to antagonize Dad but to no avail.  He just got out that silly camera thing to take a picture for all my peeps.  Hope you enjoy my new headshot.  I’m so happy to entertain all of you since Mom and Dad are not as enchanted as they once were.

Today I went to the Farmer’s market and although they don’t let canines visit the beautiful vegetables, I got to run around the park with Dad and picked up a few new admirers!  I guess that makes for a successful weekend.

I’ve Already Broken my New Year’s Resolutions

Perry_NYday_13Who needs them anyway?  Resolutions were meant to be broken and I just could not help myself.  There was Dad’s shoes and the insoles  just sitting there waiting to be stolen – here I am gleefully running away with them.

It’s the best feeling in the world and I can really get a rile out of Dad.  I haven’t broken the coveting resolution yet but there was some tempting human food on the counter this evening as dinner was being prepared.  I’m not promising anything.  Isn’t it canine nature to steal AND covet?

Happy New Year from Perry

IMG-20130101-00901I’m trying to start with a clean slate but it is SO hard for me.  There are 2 resolutions I can’t seem to conquer:

  1. Thou Shalt Not Steal my parent’s things
  2. Thou Shalt not Covet food from the counter

I know the high value things Mom and Dad need to use – phones, shoes, remote controls, tape measurements, the newspaper, toilet paper, and pens.  These are the items I frequently steal and run with.  The toilet paper has been hard to come by since they now close all the doors but the other items are usually in my sight. With all the lutein I get in my veggies my eyes are excellent which helps with spotting high value items.  That’s’ one those important nutrients humans and canines need or so I am told.

I can’t help myself with coveting all the food and look how TALL I am – it’s so much easier with my great height!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year.  Make sure to eat healthfully like me.  I look forward to hearing from all my friends who follow me!