It’s my Birthday Week

IMG-20130108-00914I was ONE year old this week on Wednesday – can you believe it?

I heard Dad mumbling to himself that he wished I was already 2 – something about me calming down (???)

For starters I got to share some of Dad’s berry smoothie – oh SO yummy.

Dad complains about having to eat breakfast (something I NEVER complain about since I’m ready to eat at all times) but decided to have a protein packed smoothie on my birthday.

I was glad to share it with him since it has ground flax seeds full of omega 3 fats to make my coat shiny, lots of phytochemicals in the berries so I can live a long healthy life and protein for energy so I can drive the parental units more insane than I already do.



Then I got to go on a big boy walk with Dad.  I’m looking so grown-up now I can hardly stand it. I look more grown up than I act but maybe by next birthday my behavior will have caught up with my age.

2 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday Week

  1. Not to worry Perry. Your cousin, Maggie, is 2 1/2 and is still a puppy. Hang in there, you too can remain a puppy if you work at it!!! Uncle Pat

  2. It is your responsibility to keep your parental units on their toes. Stay young and lively!
    (We all want to!)

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