My First Candy Day

photoI was so excited to find out about “Candy Day.”  I heard from Dad it’s all about love, hearts and romance but who cares about that?  Little did I know that this way over the top commercialized day of showing love would also bring abundance of snacks and delicious treats.

After a long day at day camp, I was excited to receive my own Valentine’s day bag.  My Aunt Stacy at Century City Physical Therapy had given me a bag full of love.  Of course I had to be monitored by the parental units and after just a few morsels the bag was immediately put on top of the refrigerator.

Hmnnn…still trying to figure out how to get up there, but behold one day I will achieve that climb and then nothing will be out of my reach.  OK, back to giving them sad eyes.  Maybe if I am lucky I will have a bedtime scooby snack…

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