My Sunday Beach Walk…

IMG-20130108-00922I had another great day in this land of Santa Monica!   This morning I was a little tired so I let the parental units catch some extra winks but I could not take it anymore.  It was a little chilly and crawling under the cave thing was just too difficult.  First I went to Mom’s side but then I thought it would be so cool to wake up Dad.  Maybe the dude will take me on that awesome beach walk again.

I was very quiet and went up real close – like nostril to nostril.  Nothing happened (?)  He just slept through or was he pretending?  Again, I breathed a little harder this time making sure he knew I was gracing his presence.   He was pretending cause I saw that left eye open just a little.  I caught him and he knew it.

He opened his eyes and smiled, “hey Punky – what’s up?”  Then he got up and wanted me to go outside.  NOT! I jumped up right in his spot  and pushed myself onto Mom on the bed – the ultimate payback!

Finally, they both got up and we all ate and got into the car.  We finally got to that cool place again and I could sure smell the ocean.  I think I got a little too excited though.  I have picked up this thing called whining when I want out of the car to check out what’s going on.  Also, Dad says I am getting a sas mouth every time they do something I don’t like or approve of, I just yawn and make a semi loud noise which drives him crazy….so I guess I am doing my job – the puppy is not gone yet!

Here’s me waiting to go on the walk since I walk too fast for Mom to take a picture at the ocean  – hopefully one soon…

One thought on “My Sunday Beach Walk…

  1. I love you, Perry!
    (see if you can get some little friends to come home from the ocean place with you on your fur- there are some that are teeny and cute and jump around- great fun!)
    love, Auntie Chris

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