I’m Crazy for Coconut Oil

photoAs you all know I have many of my favorite foods but did you know that one of my most favorite things to lick off Mom’s hands is coconut oil?

Mom likes to stir fry her broccoli in it at night or her morning eggs, but my favorite part is when she puts it on her arms and legs.  I LOVE to lick it off her feet.  I’m not so sure she likes that part so this morning she let me lick my OWN packet of coconut oil from her favorite company Kelapo.

Mom used to blog for them and make up fun recipes for me to get the scraps  but it does not matter to me.  All I care about is getting some of my OWN to lick.  I got some extra this morning since Mom put it on the owie growth that is not going away in between my toes since coconut oil has healing properties – now they just have to figure out how to get me from licking it off so it can actually work….

One thought on “I’m Crazy for Coconut Oil

  1. Perry,

    Your cousin Maggie likes to lick, or at least try to lick, the Chapstick off my lips. Your Mom is lucky you just like to lick the coconut oil off of her feet!!!

    Uncle Pat

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